Cook County,IL Gateways to Opportunity Registry participants:

To relieve some of the strain in obtaining CPR and First Aid training for childcare workers during the COVID pandemic, IDHS and Illinois Action for Children have announced a program for reimbursement of childcare workers obtaining the training on their own.

*Titan CPR Associates is an approved vendor for CPR and First Aid training. As such, we are happy to provide this information to you, but we are in no way affiliated with or responsible for the reimbursement program. All questions regarding this program should be directed to your IDHS Contact.*

To complete this course:

  1. Review the reimbursement document below to confirm your eligibility
  2. Choose your online classroom option- you can attend a scheduled virtual classroom, or receive a code to watch the video on your own: Virtual classes can be found here:
  3. Once you have completed the online class, you must attend an in-person “Skills Assessment.” you can register for your preferred session:                                                                                 ***You must have completed the online class before scheduling the skills check***
  4. At the Skill check session, you will receive your E.R.I. First Aid card and your first aid workbook, CPR Cards from HSI will be sent digitally.

All classes are Pre-pay only. Once you register, you will receive an invoice for the class- Virtual classroom is $95 Video code is $110. Payment can be made by bank transfer or Credit Card.

Reimbursement is available for CPR and First Aid classes That occurred between July 1, 2020, to June 1, 2021. (if you have already completed a class and need documents for reimbursement, please email us: )

Titan CPR Associates is committed to getting your safety training completed and assisting however we can with the reimbursement. All students will receive the documents they need in order to complete the application.

Full details, along with reimbursement application can be found on this document-

IDHS/ Illinois Action Reimbursement criteria

We will be adding class dates to the calendar very soon, please keep watching. If you would like to schedule a class for yourself or your agency, please contact us to set one up.