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As our world deals with the COVID-19 Pandemic, we will not be hosting any CPR classes.

IF you have a CPR or First Aid card that is due to expire or already Expired-

All card provider organizations have recommended a grace period for the recertification date of 90-120 days. Ultimately, the acceptance of your card is up to the employer or agency to whom you report. We have contacted legislators in both IL and WI requesting that the states offer extensions to all licenses.

We’re ready to start classes as soon as the “All Clear” is given

Our mannequins are cleaned and our instructors are prepared. As soon as the restrictions are lifted, we’ll be back to you providing classes again, we have added instructors to open the calendar and be more available to you.

Place a deposit on your class and get a bonus!

Place a deposit of any amount towards your class, and we will provide you a bonus. You choose:

A keychain Faceshield ($5 value) for each participant


We will match your deposit, up to 20%

How do we minimize the spread of disease?

Our instructors have always offered individual face shields for practice sessions in excess of the minimum recommended practices.

Our instructors maintain their own mannequins to manufacturer standards, including sanitizing between classes. 

In response to the increased concerns brought by the COVID-19 news, we will also be implementing the following steps:

  1. We will now offer wipes for our students to sanitize the mannequins between each practice session.
  2. As available, we will offer hand sanitizer to our students between stations. Please be aware that due to unprecedented demand, supplies of hand sanitizer may not be available.
  3. We may need to limit class sizes due to local regulations or available supplies.

From our students, we ask the following;

  1. If students are experiencing any symptoms, they should not attend class. Symptoms that indicate a student should avoid contact with others include fever, cough, and sneezing or runny nose.
  2. Please wash your hands before class. Washing hands is the absolute best way to prevent the spread of disease. It is recommended over hand sanitizers.

We understand that outside factors may affect your ability to hold a class. In order to decrease the inconvenience to our instructors, we ask that you provide as much notice as possible if a class must be rescheduled.

We have taken appropriate precautions to continue to provide the safety training classes that our customers need. We are continuing to review our practices and will continue to adopt the best practices as recommended.


We pray that you all stay safe during these trying times.