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As isolation restrictions begin to lift, we are prepared to return to in-person classes. If your area allows it, and you are comfortable holding the class, we have implemented the following policies to create a COVID safe Training environment.

Due to the patchwork of rules and orders, along with each student’s personal situation, the choice to hold a class will be up to our customers.
What we ask of you-
+If anyone is feeling ill, especially fever, cough, or respiratory issues, we ask that you do not attend the class.
+Please wash your hands before and after class.
+Please maintain 6 feet distancing between students as much as possible.
+If spacing is not an option, or if any students prefer, masks should be worn.

What we will be doing-
+Our instructors will have masks and will wear them as much as practical. We will absolutely wear masks when 6-foot spacing is not possible.
+Added sanitizing will be included in our routine cleaning between each class.
+We will provide our students with sanitizing wipes to clean the mannequins just prior to each use.
+If a student would prefer masks be worn, simply notify our instructor and we will work to enforce that request.
+We have implemented alternatives to the breathing techniques for anyone who is uncomfortable breathing for our mannequins.

+We will adjust class minimums to accommodate local rules or space limitations of the classroom.

+We will continue to monitor all appropriate guidelines and suggestions to ensure the safety of our students and instructors.

IF you have a CPR or First Aid card that is due to expire or already expired-

All card provider organizations had recommended a grace period for recertification. THESE EXTENSIONS EXPIRED IN OCTOBER 2020.

If you re not yet ready or allowed to do in-person classes, we now offer either “blended” or fully online “contact free” classes. Blended classes provide an online course followed by a shortened In-person skills check. For Fully virtual classes, we will deliver a mannequin to you, and complete the skills training in an online meeting. Click here for details

We have taken appropriate precautions to SAFELY provide the safety training classes that our customers need. We are continuing to review our practices and will continue to adopt the best practices as recommended.


We pray that you all stay safe during these trying times.