Our company was built on the premise that everyone should know CPR because everyone has the potential to be a CPR provider. Dr. Ron Sanders created our “Blue Card” CPR system to be quicker, easier to remember, and less expensive to make sure this life-saving training is as accessible as possible.

With the COVID pandemic of early 2020, we realized the need to continue to make this training accessible. In response, we have created multiple online options for those who need our Emergency Response Institute “Blue Card’ training.

We have two options for the online course to limit in-person sessions, and promote “social distancing.”

Our Limited contact option- Blended Learning

The classroom session (1.5 hours) will be completed via a scheduled video conference and the skill session will be completed in person with one of our skilled instructors.

Our NO CONTACT option- Completely online

We will schedule a video conference to complete the classroom session, and then complete the skills check via video conference also. The skills check is limited to 4 students at a time, but only takes about 30 minutes.

This option requires our students to have a mannequin for the skills check. If you do not have access to a mannequin, we have rental or purchase options available, please call to determine your best option.