CPR AED and First Aid Training Classes by RH Sanders & Associates CPR AED Illinois Wisconsin Colorado

About our Instructors

we have the best instructors in the business, and we have the reviews to prove it.

Chicago Area- We have 10 instructors in the Chicagoland area, covering Chicago and all suburbs. Our instructors include current and former Firefighters/Paramedics, Nursing Instructors, and multiple Spanish speaking instructors. Our experienced instructors will make your mandatory training less boring and more valuable. We have even had customers tell us their CPR class was FUN!

Denver, CO- Our Colorado instructors- Sandie Topkoff, Dennis Martin, and Kayla Harrington have been working with our company since we came to Colorado over 20 years ago. While they have healthcare and marketing experience, most importantly they have built a reputation as dynamic and engaging instructors. Our Colorado clients have the opportunity to hold a class with the “Morgan Freeman:” of CPR.

Wisconsin- In Wisconsin, our customers are serviced by Owner Jeremy Tietyen, a Firefighter/ Paramedic and Missy Ryan, an X-ray technician with years of experience on the hospital code response team. Both will ensure that your class is thorough, complete, and empowering.

Mass Casualty Response- All mass casualty response classes are taught by Police Sgt. Dan Morris, of Liberty Advance Security. Sgt. Morris is a 20+ yr veteran of the police service. He has experience on the SWAT team, including as team leader, and is a certified instructor for police and Civilian classes. Dan has multiple classes geared toward personal safety that he has developed himself. Contact us to schedule a class or visit:



Our instructors are the base of our business. We have a collection of some of the best instructors in the nation providing a proven product developed by Dr. R.H. Sanders. We have the reviews to prove it. Their experience gives them a unique perspective on the subject. Our instructors’ main focus is to give our customers the tools and the confidence needed to save a life!