CPR AED and First Aid Training Classes by RH Sanders & Associates CPR AED Illinois Wisconsin Colorado

About our Instructors

we have the best instructors in the business, and we have the reviews to prove it.

Chicago Area- We have 10 instructors in the Chicagoland area, covering Chicago and all suburbs. Our instructors include current and former Firefighters/Paramedics, Nursing Instructors, and multiple Spanish-speaking instructors. Our experienced instructors will make your mandatory training less boring and more valuable. We have even had customers tell us their CPR class was FUN!

Wisconsin- In Wisconsin, our customers are served by Owner Jeremy, a Firefighter/ Paramedic, Missy, an EMT with years of experience on the hospital code response team, and Connie, who became a CPR instructor to “pay it forwarde” after her nephew was saved by CPR. All will ensure that your class is thorough, complete, and empowering.

Mass Casualty Response- All mass casualty response classes are taught by Police Sgt. Dan Morris, of Liberty Advance Security. Sgt. Morris is a 20+ yr veteran of the police service. He has experience on the SWAT team, including as team leader, and is a certified instructor for police and Civilian classes. Dan has multiple classes geared toward personal safety that he has developed himself. Contact us to schedule a class or visit:



Our instructors are the base of our business. We have a collection of some of the best instructors in the nation providing a proven product developed by Dr. R.H. Sanders. We have the reviews to prove it. Their experience gives them a unique perspective on the subject. Our instructors’ main focus is to give our customers the tools and the confidence needed to save a life!