Now offering fully compliant, fully online CPR and First aid classes!

Due to the isolation orders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) has created a Remote Skill Verification course, which allows a class to be completed remotely, totally online.

Emergency Response Institute, our “blue card” CPR training can also be completed completely online. Click here for details

Here’s How it works  EMS –

  1. Students purchase an online course credit
  2. The student must complete the online class before scheduling their “Remote Skills Verification” (RSV) session
  3. RSV session is done by video conference using Phone, Tablet or Laptop; Scheduled via HSI website at your convenience 3 options for skills training supplies:
    • The customer has their own mannequin or can borrow one from Titan CPR (limited availability)
    • Loaner Mannequins are available to be shipped; multiple students can check out on the loaner before it is returned.
    • Customers may purchase a mannequin; mannequin pricing starts at $125.

Your digital card is delivered at the completion of the RSV session, or once return shipment of the loaner mannequin is verified.


1. Does this meet the OSHA requirements?

Yes, since you are completing the hands-on session, observed by a certified instructor, this will meet all Ilcor and OSHA standards for valid training.

2.  What Card will I receive?

The Digital Card issued will be from ASHI or EMS Safety. These companies are equivalent to AHA and are accepted nearly everywhere that AHA will be. You can check on where these cards are accepted at these links:

3. When will I receive my card?

Your card will arrive in your email as soon as the return shipment of any loaner mannequins is verified. If there is no loaner mannequin, the card will be issued as soon as the skills verification is completed. 

4. What is the cost?

All pricing includes the online classroom session, online skills verification, and digital completion card.

A. The student has a mannequin 

  • CPR only- $45 per person
  • CPR and First Aid- $65 per person
  • BLS (healthcare provider)- $50 per person

B. Loaner mannequin

Cost includes all online sessions and a completion card for 1 person. Additional students can use the same mannequin for the price listed above. The mannequin will be shipped via FedEx with prepaid return shipping.

  • CPR only- $90
  • CPR and First Aid- $105
  • BLS (healthcare provider)- $110

C. Purchase a Mannequin

With this option, the mannequin shipped to you is yours to keep for multiple training sessions. This option includes what HSI refers to as a “disposable” mannequin, which can be re-used for multiple training sessions. We do have other mannequin options available.

Pricing Includes 1 student course and completion cards. Additional students can be trained at the rates listed in section 1.

  • CPR only- $110
  • CPR and first aid- $130
  • BLS (healthcare provider)- $140
  • Sturdier mannequins are available, starting at $163, with 1 training course included.
In home online CPR course mannequins shipped to you
CPR prompt; one of the mannequins available for purchase
Purchasing a mannequin is great for facilities that want to offer an easy way to train new employees at any time, on a schedule that is entirely at their convenience.  It also allows you to offer the students a chance to practice their CPR skills on an actual mannequin once the class is over. Mannequins start as low as $163 making this an affordable option for those who require frequent training or want the ability to practice for maintaining the skills of their rescuers.





5. Are these sessions available in Spanish?

The CPR and First Aid classes are available in Spanish for an additional $5. The BLS classroom session is not currently available in Spanish, but we can do the RSV session in Spanish if you would like.

6. How many people can be evaluated during the RSV?

All remote skill sessions are limited to 3 students at a time to ensure the quality of the session. We will have multiple sessions available each day and can work with your schedule to make an instructor available.

If this completely online option sounds like something that will work for you please contact us for more information. or 1-800-869-9289